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A partnership between the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)
and the Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 265 (ATU)

The Joint Workforce Investment (JWI), established in 2006, is a joint labor management partnership between the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 265 (ATU). Both organizations operate together as one “JWI” team. 


Operator to Operator 

During the course of this program, new operators are paired with veteran operators who serve as mentors. Prior to working with new operators, mentors are trained via a course offered by a local university partner. The program provides best practices customer service and job stress coping skills through on-the-job mentoring, shadowing, ride-a-longs and classroom training.


Managing Stress

As part of the core training process, JWI covers health, wellness and professional development. These activities emphasize mastering the “human element” of driving a bus and applying stress management/health and wellness techniques. New operators classroom debriefing after completing initial driving time. They discuss their experiences and whether or not they were able to “let go” of the stress that some situations may have caused them. The goal is to teach new operators how to manage on the job stress and make good judgments while alone.


The curriculum’s workbook introduces:

1.) Encounter,

2.) Defuse

3.) Recenter

4.) “Let Go” stress management model

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Our Leadership






VTA, Chef Operations


ATU 265 President


A Brief Overview of Joint Workforce Investment (JWI)

We came together to meet VTA’s need for delivering enhanced public transportation services throughout Santa Clara County; and to create a work environment that supports the long-term professional development and health and wellness of its employees.


JWI follows in the tradition of the strong labor/management partnerships exemplified by skilled trades’ apprenticeship programs, where a high performance workforce is a critical requirement of success.


Our partnership promotes working together on the common ground of professional development and public service. When employees have access to career ladders and professional development support they have a greater chance of success. This is especially true when curriculum and training programs are driven by a facilitated peer-to-peer ethic (i.e. mentoring). 

Still Have Questions?

If you have questions, or comments regarding our program, please feel free to contact us.

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